Criminal Defense Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys are experts in local criminal defense law and work to secure the best possible results for clients. Hiring the right defense attorney in Colorado Springs can mean the difference between your freedom and jail time, fines or a driver’s license suspension. A good Colorado Springs criminal lawyer can help you fight the charges against you and avoid receiving the maximum sentence. Your lawyer should specialize in criminal arrests and have a good success rate in the Colorado Springs court system.

Our top rated Colorado Springs Defense Lawyers specialize in all types of DUI & DWAI related offense. Learn more about what our DUI defense lawyers can do for you highlighted here can help you with the in’s and out’s of the criminal court process in Colorado and can guide you through it step-by-step. These firms have helped thousands of people across the state of Colorado. If an arrest in Colorado Springs has made your future uncertain, you and your family need the peace of mind that only aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney can provide. Residents of greater Colorado Springs have relied on experience, expertise and knowledge of our law firm in complex criminal and DUI matters.

  • Colorado Domestic Violence

    Colorado has mandatory arrest laws for all domestic violence charges.  A police officer in Colorado is given great discretion regarding when, where, and if to arrest someone for a crime – except in domestic violence cases.

  • Colorado statutes demand an immediate, on the spot arrest if police are dispatched and probable cause is found that anyone present committed any act of Domestic Violence. This mandate can often lead to a frustrating and confusing sequence of events where the “victim” is labeled as the “aggressor” and vice versa.  Here is a great example of this convoluted statute.
  • This is called the “undue delay” clause meaning that if the person is there, the arrest must be made then and there.  After arrest, the person charged will be immediately booked into jail and a bail bond hearing will not occur until the victim of the domestic violence incident has been informed of the bond hearing so that they may be present to speak at the bond hearing.  The rush to arrest however, can produce unintended consequences.
  • Any Crime Can Be Considered Colorado Domestic Violence

    The literal definition of “Domestic Violence” in Colorado is any act or threatened act of violence upon someone with whom the accused has had intimate relationship. Other definitions include any crime committed as a means of coercion, control, punishment, intimidation, or revenge gainst an intimate partner.   See more information on what charges are considered as Colorado DV Statutes.

    If you are arrested and charged with a domestic violence crime in Colorado, stop talking to the police (that only makes things harder for your attorney) & consult with an experienced DV lawyer who can answer important Colorado domestic violence questions like:

  • If I Have A Restraining Order Against Someone Can I Contact Them
  • What Happens If The Victim Violates A No Contact Order
    No Contact Order Violation
  • What Happens If You Violate Your Own Restraining Order
  • Victim Violates Restraining Order
  • No Contact Order Violation By Victim
  • Breaking No Contact Order
  • No Contact Order Rules
  • No Contact Order Violation Consequences
  • Third Party Contact Restraining Order
  • Avoid the temptation of texting, calling, or writing with a no contact order 



    Colorado DUI Felony Charges – What to expect of your lawyer

    • You should expect any top notch Colorado Springs criminal & DUI attorney to review your charges, evaluate evidence, and discuss the best course of action for dealing with your case. A good example for what you should look for in a Colorado DUI Attorney is the availability to respond to your needs 24/7 and demand referrals for any type of service you may find yourself needing regarding your case.
    • Choose a Colorado Springs defense attorney to represent you if you are charged with any felony or misdemeanor crime in or around the city. Look for a law firm located in Colorado Springs, Colorado that regularly represents people that have been charged in the counties of El Paso (Colorado Springs and surrounding areas), Teller (Cripple Creek, Woodland Park and surrounding areas), Pueblo (City of Pueblo and surrounding areas),  Douglas (Denver & Castle Rock) and other locations in the State of Colorado.
    • Challenging criminal cases require an outstanding Colorado Springs attorney – one that thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the evidence brought against you in order to formulate the most effective defense against your criminal charge. If you’ve been arrested or charged with a Criminal Offense in Colorado Springs, get help today.
    • To schedule your free case evaluation with a criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs, do not hesitate to contact the firm today.
    • For general criminal defense legal help in Colorado Springs, checkout renowned Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer Ted McClintock.  Ted has won some of the toughest criminal cases in Colorado and McClintock Law is ready to aggressively fight any criminal charges in Colorado on your behalf.

    Idaho DUI Charges

    Many of our clients maintain winter residences in the Boise, Idaho area due to the typically milder winters there.  It is worth noting that the state of Idaho is known for very active traffic law enforcement, and DUI arrests in particular.

    If you live or travel through Idaho and are charged with a traffic infraction or DUI, we recommend that you immediately contact an aggressive and effective Idaho DUI attorney to protect your driving privileges and rights.

    One firm that provides an informative overview of the Idaho DUI process and defense strategies can be found at the Boise DUI Law Firm site.  They specialize in protecting your license, reputation and liberty against drunk driving or driving while intoxicated misdemeanor or felony charges in the Boise, Idaho area.